Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Knight's Promise

Knight's Promise

The Paladin Knights have survived in secret for twelve hundred years to protect and aid innocent victims. Oliver Wallace was born into this ancient bloodline of warriors and healers but failed to save the man he was chosen to protect.

Now he has been given another chance. He now must put his trust in the Paladins once again or watch another member of this family die. Ceana MacFarlane thinks nothing ever goes right. She has a dead end job in Seattle and her fiancĂ© just dumped her for another woman. That same night Ceana is brutally attacked for a reason she does not understand. She hears a man’s voice, in her mind, telling her to fight, to stay alive, that he will be there soon.

Now both Oliver and Ceana carry scars. Hers are on the outside, but his lay on the inside with the fear she will find out the truth about her father‘s death. As Oliver and his fellow Paladins begin a desperate search for her attacker he knows that Ceana’s safety and protection must be put above all else and that it is wrong to have fallen in love with her.

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