Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sleep Fall

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

71,000 Words

Isabelle Debouis is afraid to fall asleep, because when she wakes she finds what she’d wished in her dreams has now become reality.

Callum Galloway is a telepath with R.E.M. (the Regiment of Enlightened Militia) R.E.M. sends Callum into Isabelle’s dreams to determine if her abilities are real. When Cal is told by R.E.M. to make Isabelle “wish” in her dream, he sees the outside world change, with only the two of them remembering how things had been before that moment.

Darker truths surface about R.E.M., the agency Callum has always believed to be part of the government, forcing him to question their true purpose and fear for Isabelle’s safety. Cal must convince Isabelle to escape with him. The more they learn about R.E.M., the more they fear that neither they nor the rest of the world can be safe

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