Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sword's Shadow

Swords's Shadow

Alana Ivory, once a cult television heroine, has come to Prague to resurrect her failing career. When a crazed fan begins stalking her, leaving her cryptic threats, a mysterious stranger appears claiming to be her hired body guard.

Illiya Alexandrov is not who he says he is. He is a Paladin Knight sent to protect Alana from the danger the Ancients have foretold. After the threats become deadly, Alana who has always had to fight for herself, alone, must learn to put her trust in Illiya.

Together they flee across icy Northern Europe, as Illiya must put Alana’s safety above his building desire for her. Will Illiya and his fellow Paladins find Alana’s stalker in time to save her life? To do this they must watch for the Sword’s Shadow.

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