Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dream Fall

Paranormal Romantic Suspense Work in Progress

Mari Castillo planned to leave her home town once and for all, but her mother’s death has forced her to return amidst a pile of unpaid bills to care for her autistic brother. Unable to find work, Mari opens their seaside home as a bed and breakfast.

Jace MacAllister is level-four telepath and now, renegade agent of REM (the Regiment of Enlightened Militia), the place he once put blind faith in. Knowing of REM’s plan to bring these women to their labs and force them to dream, Jace agrees to help Mari to safety. Moving in as a boarder to her bed and breakfast, he must first determine if Mari’s dreams can change reality. When Jace dream-walks into Mari’s subconscious, he has her ‘wish’, but nothing happens. Jace begins to suspect that Mari may not be the dreamer REM is after.

Both being hurt in the past, Mari and Jace must learn to open their hearts to each other, as Jace fights to protect Mari and her family from REM. If he fails, and REM successfully captures a dreamer, the balance of the world could change with one dreamers ‘wish.'

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