Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are book trailers the next big thing for promoting your book?

I’m a Seattle best-selling author who is based in one of the tech capitals of the world. Microsoft. Amazon. Starbucks (just had to throw that one in.) So I have to try out the new trends, right? One of the popular trends for selling books is trailers. My second installment in The Regimental Heroes series, The Reluctant Heir, released this week. I thought I would do a trailer for the series. I have made trailers for most of my stories. I think they are fun. Trailers are a great visual and done correctly, can build interest in your story on Amazon, B&N and others.
Can a few YouTube minutes do justice to your book?
As we know, we (especially the younger generation) are becoming very visually based. Book readers still pick up the paper or ebook, but how do you stand out amongst the 10’s of bazillion other books out there?
Book trailers give that back cover blurb with pretty pictures.
I have always had a bad streak of ‘How hard can it be’, so with a little help from Photoshop and Windows Live Movie Maker (on most of your computers if you have never used it), there are great free online music sites and stock photos.
Some of the pitfall problems I’ve seen in trailers: Trying to say TOO MUCH! Keep it short! My opinion is that a trailer should be no longer than 60 seconds to a minute and a half. I think most of us, I speak for myself… squirrel… have a short attention span. If the trailer goes on and on before telling me the meat and potatoes and where to buy it, I’ll probably click out.
Authors out there, you can do this. Jump in and have fun!
If you would like to receive more information on creating your own book trailer contact me at bookstogonow @
Regimental Heroes: The Duke and the Lost Night & new release The Reluctant Heir
The Gold Rush Series: Rush of Love and Fields of Gold

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